Helping Hands Ministry


The Trinity Church Helping Hands program is a resource program that offers medical and mobility-assist devices for individuals in need. This includes crutches, wheelchairs, shower seats, commodes, walkers, and scooters. We also stock a variety of incontinence products such as bed-pads, depends, and liners. 

Our devices are donated by community members who often no longer have a need for them. Individuals who use products from the Helping Hands program are invited, though never required, to return the devices in order to keep our supply stocked. There is no cost for the products. Individuals are asked to bring a medical order (in the form of a prescription, doctor's note, etc) or a letter of reference (from a caseworker, clergyperson, etc) and may designate someone to pick up the supplies during our office hours. Individuals do not need to be members of Trinity Church. Supplies are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

All devices are provided "as-is," and Trinity takes no responsibility or liability for the usage of these products.